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This is what we do with illegal signs in Gwinnett! Load 'em up, move 'em out!
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Summary of The Law
It is illegal to place signs and banners within ten feet of a public roadway in Gwinnett County. They are also illegal in a median, on utility poles, traffic signals and trees, on public property, on private property without permission, or within the right-of-way. The right-of-way is typically the unpaved area between the edge of the roadway and utility poles and can be over fifty feet wide. Illegal signs are typically made of corrugated plastic or paper and advertise something (there is no right to commercial free speech). Offenders are subject to multiple citations, court summons and fines up to $1000 PER SIGN!

There are some signs which are normally legal when placed beyond the right-of-way: signs on private property, official emissions inspection signs, street number signs, and signs with a valid permit affixed. If in doubt, leave the sign alone and call Gwinnett County Planning and Development at 678-518-6050 for clarification.

The law does not prohibit any citizen from removing and destroying illegal signs just like any other abandoned roadside trash. We ask you to please help! If you see signs like these, please remove them immediately! They are hurting YOUR property values and quality of life! Your neighborhood or business doesn't have to tolerate this damage for someone's selfish commercial benefit..

We are among the many volunteers who work to keep the roadways free of trash, illegal signs, graffiti and other urban blight. We wish everyone success in their endeavors, and only ask that people advertise legally and ethically rather than add to the litter on our streets and highways.

The Gwinnett County Police are pursuing code violations of all types and appreciate citizen efforts to help keep the roadways clear of illegal signs. If you have any difficulty, contact your police precinct commander or county commissioner.

Unincorporated Gwinnett
Sign Ordinance
Sign Ordinance in Spanish
Garage Sale Regulations

Incorporated areas also have sign ordinances. Contact the appropriate code enforcement department for more info.
City of Loganville (770) 466-2633
City of Buford (770) 945-6761
City of Dacula (770) 963-7451
City of Duluth (770) 476-1790
City of Grayson (770) 963-8017
City of Lawrenceville (770) 963-2414
City of Lilburn (770) 638-2197
City of Norcross (770) 448-2122
City of Snellville (770) 985-3509
City of Suwanee (770) 945-7034

The county DOES regulate garage sale signs (see Garage Sale Regulations). You can't use paper or cardboard. You can't put them on somebody else's property without permission, or on utility poles or traffic signs. You can't put them in the right of way (minimum 10' from the edge of the road). We know you probably weren't aware of this and our goal is not to spoil your fun. Most of us don't go out of our way to pick up garage sale signs on the weekend. But the problem is that maybe 80% of the signs are NEVER picked up. Do you also throw fast food wrappers out of your car window? Of course not! SO IF YOU HAVE A GARAGE SALE PLEASE PICKUP THE SIGNS!! There are some areas where people have abused this so much there are several old signs at every subdivision entrance. So, don't complain when the Garage Sale Grinch sweeps up the whole mess.

Notice the official small green warning sign in the middle of the post...
It says: Don't Put Signs On Utility Poles! Duh!
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