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"Bandit Signs" look horrible. They degrade property values and trash up the scenery. They can impair visibility, distract motorists and cause road accidents. By their very nature, they are designed to direct attention to something not related to road safety. Unregulated signage results in escalating sign wars among storefront merchants and tradesmen in competition for customers. There is no right to commercial free speech and it is in the public interest for government to regulate signage. But frequently, the regions are so vast and local government so busy with more pressing matters, that enforcement becomes almost impossible.

We are citizen volunteers who fight against this blight. We can do this because signs placed in the right-of-way are considered abandoned trash. Sure, we have better things to do, but we make time for our community.

The Truckload Bunch started out as the Gwinnett "sign posse". For many years there were just a few of us doing this lonely and sometimes risky public service. Back then, developers would hire security guards to watch over their illegal signs and harass people who cleaned them up. Only a few years ago, you could still find numerous illegal signs concentrated on street corners. Just going several miles down a major road would fill up a pickup truck and we had to make multiple trips to the county dumpster.

But as the problem got worse, we fought back and several important things happened: the county sign ordinance was tightened up, we reached a critical mass of over twenty five networked members, we earned the support of several county commissioners and police officers, we got publicity in the newspapers, and we set up this website. The result is that we are winning the war against illegal signage. Of course, we can't claim all the credit and wish to give our THANKS to the many other people involved including elected officials, city and county police, sheriff's department, judges, code enforcement, planning and development, and many unknown volunteers. Nor can we rest on our laurels or this problem would start all over again. We still find illegal signs here and there and still have to educate new offenders.

Gwinnett is part of a nationwide problem and proof that it can be brought under control. We would like to help other Metro Atlanta counties and cities fight back like we have. Select your county along the left, or if it is not listed, we can add it.

We already have contacts in Forsyth, Fulton and Rockdale where just a couple of people have made a huge difference. We need YOUR help!.

GDOT says Candidates canít put signs in right-of-way!
The Georgia Department of Transportation has a message for political candidates: You are wasting money by putting signs in the right-of-way. Read this Newspaper Article or here is another Newspaper Article. For those who can't read, here is an Official GDOT Video.

Each violation of Georgiaís yard sign regulations is a misdemeanor offense.Typically, right-of-way violations do not amount to just one lone sign along the side of a highway but are potentially hundreds of signs along the state right-of-way. This means that the campaign could face hundreds of misdemeanor charges. They are also illegal on virtually every city and county right-of-way but you would need to contact the local government for specifics.

NOTE: Despite the above, The Truckload Bunch LegalBrains have long advised that TrashFighters leave political signs alone, until after elections.
How would you feel if this was in front of YOUR business??

Our Hero!
Anyone can pick up litter (please park SAFELY OUT OF TRAFFIC!). It only takes a few seconds and will give you the satisfaction of improving the appearance of your community!

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