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Gwinnett Hall of Shame

We certainly wouldn't do business with a company that breaks the law or operates unethically. Would you?

What a nice garden... except for that sign that some idiot planted there!

Speaks for itself...
Who's Your DADDY?

Cardinal Marketing / Battle Properties has eight developments in the county including Barrington Ridge and The Enclave at Breckinridge.
And they obviously don't mind throwing money away week after week!
Cheap signs=cheap construction?
June 4, 2005

June 18, 2005

July 2, 2005

July 16, 2005

July 31, 2005

Although no illegal signs are visible on these days,
notice the close proximity of cooking flame to gasoline pumps!! Can you say "KaBOOM"?!!
Not to mention this Citgo station recently got busted for selling alcohol to minors
How do you say FIRE in Spanish?

Elect this man to revitialize South Gwinnett:
The median is a No-NO!

Part of the problem is unethical sign companies.
You guys know better!

George relates a phone conversation he had with Dave one day:

“This is Dave.”
“Dave, I thought you had stopped placing your signs in Gwinnett, but you’ve started up again.”
“Who is this?”
“This is George, one of the people who removes your signs from Gwinnett.”
“Where are you?”
“I’m in Gwinnett County.”
“Well let’s meet someplace. I’d like to whip your ass!”
“OK, let’s meet tomorrow morning at the Planning and Development office in Lawrenceville.”
The conversation didn’t get any better, but before I could give him a little more information about our group, he hung up.
(I don’t know why he thinks I live on a farm, or why he wishes to be so unkind to animals. Perhaps I should report him to the SPCA instead.)
Dave, you silly boy!

Another day's roundup headin' to the dump!

Caught in the act of putting out illegal signs!
Kleening up after the Kleener...
Kleening up after the Kleener...

Blatent, repeat offender putting out developer signs!

The same dude putting out illegal signs on a different day.
Hey Dude! Get a REAL job!

There are dozens of variations on the signs below: Home for Rent/Lease/We Buy Homes/Lease Purchase
Pure Trash on a Stick.
Sell your home cheap!

Sell your home cheap!

Sell your house cheap!
Sell your house cheap!

Notice the official green county sign below - warning of dire consequences for putting anything on poles!
Failed third grade

Another genius can't read the warning sign!
Failed second grade

Thats OK, we took care of the problem.

The junk guys.

Some sneaky developers don't put their names on the signs.
But we know who it is: ParcView North at Bunten Road in Duluth.

This guy puts them out in style!
Take a ride on the wild sign

It doesn't matter - they are all going to the same dark place!

If you want to be a millionaire, DON'T waste your money on signs in THIS county!

These sticks make good kindling

A forest of developer droppings...

Thy trusty steed runneth over...

It seems "Mike" is trying to recruit placers... we hear the job doesn't pay well and can land your butt in jail.
Give it up Mike!

It is always fun to email pictures of signs back to the guys that put them out.

Ryland Homes

A dumpster filled up by the Hamilton Mill Expeditionary Force

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