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Fulton County, Georgia

Summary of The Law
It is illegal to place signs and banners within the right-of-way of public roadway in Fulton County. They are also illegal in a median (without permit), on utility poles, traffic signals and trees, on public property, on private property without permission. The right-of-way is typically the unpaved area between the edge of the roadway and utility poles and can be over fifty feet wide. Illegal signs are typically made of corrugated plastic or paper and advertise something (there is no right to commercial free speech). Offenders are subject to multiple citations, court summons and fines up to $1000 PER SIGN!

There are some signs which are normally legal when placed beyond the right-of-way: signs on private property, campaign signs, street number signs, and signs with a valid permit affixed. If in doubt, leave the sign alone and call Fulton County Code Enforcement for clarification.

The law does not prohibit any citizen from removing and destroying illegal signs just like any other abandoned roadside trash. We ask you to please help! If you see signs like these, please remove them immediately! They are hurting YOUR property values and quality of life! Your neighborhood or business doesn't have to tolerate this damage for someone's selfish commercial benefit..

We are among the many volunteers who work to keep the roadways free of trash, illegal signs, graffiti and other urban blight. We wish everyone success in their endeavors, and only ask that people advertise legally and ethically rather than add to the litter on our streets and highways.

Unincorporated Fulton
Sign Ordinance

Incorporated areas also have sign ordinances. Contact the appropriate code enforcement department for more info.
City of Atlanta
College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Union City, Palmetto

Fulton County website

See The ZILLA FILES (5 Mb PDF file of citizen complaints)
Courtesy of the "South Side Sign Busters".

His Calling Card

Don't Mess with "The ZILLA!"

South Fulton Hall of Shame

You could shingle a house with this truckload of trash!

Commissioner Bill Edwards obviously thinks the law doesn't apply to him

Even Creative Loafing doesn't like him. Ouch!

Out Of Control Developers

It would be easy to miss important traffic signs with all this distraction

Clearly in the Right Of Way

Illegally placed on private property without permission

How could anyone read all these signs at 60 MPH anyway??

Signs near intersections interfere with visiblity

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